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School of Social and Development Studies

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Director: DR. BENSON ATENG (AG.) |“The unique mix of socio-cultural studies and information science enhances a seamless flow of information, hence, making the world a better place to live in. We’ve got a variety of courses that will mould you into a flawless communicator”.

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School Monthly Colloquium

The SCHOOL OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND DEVELOPMENT STUDIES (SSDS) within the FACULTY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY STUDIES (FSST) is in the process of launching a monthly colloquium with the objective of realizing the mission of THE TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY OF KENYA (TUK).

The purpose of this memo is therefore to invite you for the first session of the year 2016 colloquium which shall be held on the 19TH FEBRUARY, 2016 from 9a.m. in BLOCK “C” ROOM 30.

DR. JOHN G. NGA’ NGA’, the chairman, DEPARTMENT OF HUMAN AND SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT shall present a paper.

KINDLY NOTE that your attendance and participation shall be recognized.